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advantages of plastic and sand tile roof

Advantages of polymer (plastic) roof tiles

New production technologies and development of polymer industry enabled to develop polymer-sand composition material which makes the base for the new type of this roofing material POLYMER ROOF TILES. Polymer-sand tile consists of 70% of sand, 28% of plastic (polymer) and 2% of coloring material.

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Advantages of Plastic Roofing for Your Home By: Danny Lipford Roofing made from plastic resembles natural slate or wood shakes while weighing less than asphalt shingles and 75% less than slate.

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The most common tile roofs on Arizona homes are clay, concrete and sand-cast. Pros: Longevity. A concrete tile roof will last and last, and clay tile will probably last longer than any other kind of roofing material. Some manufacturers estimate their product will last 50 years, but many Arizona homes sport tile roofs that are older. Style. Clay, concrete and sand-cast tiles make a beautiful roof that gives a home a distinctly Southwestern flair.

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Step Four: Start Making Tiles. Now that you have the machine andmaterials, the process of making tiles will be pretty straight-forward. You simply shred the plastic, then mix with the sand and pour inside the extruder. The extruder will do its job and you will collect a molten mixture of sand and plastic on the other end.

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Tile roofs have been around for centuries. It was first used in the 3 rd millennium BC in Greece. The early roof tiles were made from clay and slate, which were the ready materials. Now, the modern ones are made from concrete and plastic. There are several types of roof tiles. The flat tiles are the simplest of all and are laid in an overlapping fashion.

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Developed technology to build with pet bottles which helps to reuse plastic bottles and avoid plastic menace Developed the plastic Bottles have the following advantages over bricks and other construction materials The house also features a living roof (sometimes called a green roof) of sod and turf.

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Polysand Slate roofing tile. We have created this new composite Slate roofing tile using our innovative Polysand? material. With its 1/2'' thickness the weight of one tile is only 3.6 pounds. That is 4 times lighter than the natural slate of the same size.

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Synthetic slate roofing is a roofing material that is made out of vinyl and other synthetic materials in order to mimic the appearance of slate roofing tiles. Because it is made out of various plastic materials, synthetic slate roofing carries a distinctive set of advantages and disadvantages with it.

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A clay tile roof system can cost two to three times as much as an asphalt roofing system. An average clay tile roof costs between $675 to $1400 per square (100 SF of roof area). Concrete tile roofs are more economical, with costs of $400 to $450 per square. This is offset, though, by the long life a tile roof will enjoy. Difficult installation.

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The advantages of Plastic Roofing Tiles. Plastic roof tiles are first and foremost highly durable, and when manufactured at large thicknesses, plastic tile roofing can be up to 200 times stronger than glass.

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A well cared for roof of this type can last for over 100 years. Though clay tiles have many advantages, they do have their disadvantages as well. Here's a look at a few of each. Advantages of clay tile roofing. Of the many advantages of clay tile roofing, it durability is probably the biggest one.


Machinery to Make Plastic Roof Tiles Views : 1896 We are a Machinery and Technology Supply Company based in Cape Town,South Africa. Having been involved in the Recycling Industry for over 30 years, we identified a need for the recycling of mixed post consumer plastic waste.

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Tile roofs are a wonderful choice for a beautiful and classy look for your home. They have been around for many years, making a delightful presentation for your home. With various types of roof tiles available, one can have the exact look they desire.