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what is better deck stain or deck paint

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While paint is still the premier finish for siding and many millwork components, a porch floor, even protected, is often better stained than painted.

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Benefits of Using Stain vs. Paint on Decks and Fences. ... Lucinda Peters, owner of Deck Renewal of Maryland in Ellicott City, says it’s better to paint or stain wood rather than leave it bare to protect it from nature. ... Kretin suggests coating your deck with either stain or paint. “It prevents the splitting and cracking of the wood and ...

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The decision of whether to paint or stain your deck is an important one, as it affects not only the look, but also the longevity of your wood.

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Planning to stain or paint a deck is easy when you follow these simple steps. Help protect or floor your deck using Sherwin-Williams stains and paints. With SuperDeck, you can beautify and protect your deck or porch in the same day.

Decking 101: Stain vs. Paint vs. Seal - Wood. It's Real.

Better to be safe than sorry. Also, be sure to read the stain, paint, sealer manufacturers instructions on the application. Follow the rules, folks. The answer is simple: it’s personal preference. If your deck is made out of Southern Yellow Pine (SYP), then you’re already in a great spot.

Whether to Paint or Stain a Wood Deck? | Today's Homeowner

While you can paint a pressure treated wood deck, I don’t recommend it. A wood deck takes a lot of abuse from sun, rain, and snow; and the constant shrinkage and expansion of the wood causes paint to peel over time.

Paint or Stain: Which Is Right For Your Deck?

Paint or Stain: Which Is Right For Your Deck? Stain your deck the wood's natural beauty shows through, but you might have to redo the job soon. Paint it and the wood will be protected, but you'll lose the look of the wood grain.

Should I Paint or Stain My Deck? | Angie's List

Before you stain or paint your deck, take the time to wash away any debris on the surface. (Photo courtesy of Angie's List member Cecelia O., of Annapolis, Md.) Angie Hicks explains why deck builders recommend staining a deck vs. painting it.

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Paint is forever. Once you decide to paint your wood deck, you’ve pretty much decided to always paint your wood deck. While you can go from stain or sealer to paint, you can’t really go back the other way without going to extreme measures. Paint is available in any color. While this is also in the “pros” list, it can be a challenge.

Painting vs. Staining a Deck: Choose the Right Choice

The Pros & Cons of Painting a Deck. A paint job on your wood deck will last longer than staining, up to 10 years if you prep correctly and use a high-quality paint made for wood decks. The additional protection paint provides from UV rays and moisture also can extend the life of the wood itself. And the number of paint colors you have to choose from will be far greater than that of stain, allowing you to more easily match or complement exterior paint colors.

Decking 101: Stain vs. Paint vs. Seal - Wood. It's Real.

The frequency of maintenance will depend on things like wear and tear, the color of the stain, the quality of the stain, and the quality of the prep work that went into staining the deck before. There’s solid and semi-transparent stains depending on how much you would like to see the wood grain.

Painting Vs. Staining Your Deck | Which Option Is Best?

Painting Your Deck . There are plenty of reasons to paint your deck, but you should know that it masks the detailed elements of the wood that make it unique. It lasts longer and comes with many color options, but it ensconces what makes your deck special. Paint provides a uniform look, which appeals to many homeowners.