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timber acoustic wall panels

Timber Acoustic Panels – Perforated Acoustic Panels

Timber acoustic panels can visually meet any environment, and their acoustic characteristics make the greatest contribution to its applicability. Timber acoustic wall panels are available with a wide range of acoustic options for perforations and slots for walls and ceiling linings.

Acoustigreen | Acoustical Wood Panels for Ceilings and Walls

Acoustigreen is a leading manufacturer of beautiful and innovative acoustical wall and ceiling systems, featuring custom designs in coordination with architects, designers, project managers, and high-value décor contractors.

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Placing Acoustic Panels on walls or ceilings is the best way to eliminate echo, reverb and reduce overall ambient noise in any room. Common sound issues are caused mostly by sound waves reflecting off walls.

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The panels provide sound absorption through a micro-perforated wood veneer that has the appearance of solid wood from a normal viewing distance. Suspension Systems Explore the abundant array of possibilities

Attractive Timber Acoustic Panels - High Acoustic Performance

Quality timber acoustic panels for decorative effect for public buildings with high absorption acoustics. Call today for all acoustic panel requirements. ... Acoustic Performance . ... Soundsorba acoustic products include sound absorbing panels, acoustic wall and ceiling tiles, acoustic doors, acoustic diffusers, acoustic fabric, sound ...

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Acoustic wall panels from Armstrong Ceiling & Wall Solutions have an inner core to absorb sound striking the surface. Learn more.

Home - Murano Wood Acoustic Panels

The Murano range of perforated, grooved or slotted wood ceiling and wall panels incorporates the latest perforation techniques to maximise sound absorption and reduce reverberation. Our acoustic panels are engineered with high quality materials, making it a long lasting acoustic noise control solution.

Timber Acoustic Panels and Suspended Ceilings

We offer a range of timber acoustic panels and slatted timber systems for both walls and ceilings. The beauty and durability of wood combined with sound absorbing and diffusing techniques can provide a functional solution, which stands the test of time, and integrates well with architecture in many spaces.

WoodTrends Standard Acoustic System | Acoustical Solutions

Installation of WoodTrends Standard Acoustic System wood planks works in conjunction with a nail clip for walls or pivot clip for ceilings. The hardware engages with the tongue and groove of the panel and creates a monolithic appearance.

Perforated Acoustic Panels – Wood Acoustic Panels

Timber Acoustic Panels Timber Acoustic Wall Panels Acoustical Panel. Details. Perforated MDF 600 x 1200 mm. Perforated MDF Board Acoustic Panels Perforated MDF Sheet. ... The perforated acoustic panels are really good materials and look. They cleaned up all the extra reverb in the room, and we did not need to fill the whole room with them. ...

Acoustic Wall Art | Timber Acoustic Wall Panels - Panels ...

Acoustic Wall Art Acoustic wall art panels are made of 100% natural material: wood and cement. The combination of wood and cement makes its unique sound absorption performance ensuring good acoustic performance. The acoustic wall material has a natural elasticity that can handle the wet environment while also providing effective fire protection.