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can you use 2x12 on wooden deck floor

Sample Calculations for Using Joist Span and Beam Size

Sample Calculations for Using Joist Span and Beam Size ... 2x12s, depending on the wood used. For Beam 2, use a joist length of 7’ and post spacing of 9’. The beam may be two 2x8s or two 2x10s, ... c. Locate all footings at extremities of deck (no cantilevers). d.

Deck joist size - deck joist span tables by Alter Eagle Decks

You can use your mousewheel to scroll though all of the pictures The below deck span table is from the American Wood Councils prescriptive deck design guide based on the structural studies on decks at Virginia Tech and Washington State.

wood - Which is better for deck flooring: 2x6 or 1x6 deck ...

1X stock is fine if you have 16 inch on center joists, and the joists are themselves sized properly. Using 2X stock over undersized joists does help make the deck feel more solid. If you have 24 OC joists, I'd definitely stay with the 2X decking.

Sanding Wood Decks Video - YouTube

Sanding wood decks can be a major pain in the neck and a time sink. With the careful use of an orbital sander, sanding wood deck stain from a deck can be done much easier and faster. Category

Can I Put Tile or Linoleum on My Wood Deck? | Hunker

When you're remodeling your outdoor wood deck with a new surface after the old one has faded or you just want a new finish, there are a variety of available materials. While tile and linoleum can be used in indoor and outdoor settings, there are some considerations if you're thinking about using them for a deck floor.

Recommended Beam & Joist Spans for Deck Framing | Home ...

Once you know these limits, you can consult span tables to find out the recommended span distances for your deck design. Beam Span The recommended span of a given beam is also determined by the dimensions of the timber, the species of wood from which the timber is made and the span of the joists that the beam supports.

Can I use 2 X 12 boards for my deck surface or floor ...

Depends on the species. But if you use a treated pine they will begin to check, cup and crack when there is a change in moisture content. Most treated boards used for joists(2x12) will be incised during the pressure treatment process.

Can I Use Decking Boards for Interior Flooring? | Hunker

Any type of natural wood cut for use as a deck board can be used in interior as well as exterior projects. The main difference between outdoor wood and indoor wood is that outdoor wood is chosen because of its hardness and ability to withstand natural elements, and indoor wood is chosen for its beauty and softer finishes.