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above grade waterproofing of deck surface


and vertical surfaces, above or below grade: Waterproofing Foundations ? Tunnels ? Planters ? Retaining Walls ? Elevator Pits ? Balconies ? Excellent For Repairing Hot Rubberized Asphalt Membranes.

BITUTHENE System 4000 — Above-Grade | GCP Applied ...

See BITUTHENE Deck Prep waterproofing membrane product information sheet for details. On masonry surfaces, apply a parge coat to rough concrete block and brick walls or trowel cut mortar joints flush to the face of the concrete blocks.

Commercial Above Grade Waterproofing Service | JH3 Company

Commercial Above Grade Waterproofing Service. If you want to refinish an existing above grade commercial surface, like a swimming pool deck, it is essential to hire a waterproofing expert to inspect and install the correct waterproofing system. The same holds true if you are about to build a new above ground structure constructed with a plywood or concrete substrate.

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staplE mEtal latHE to dEck DESCRIPTION AND BASICis a multi-layer protective coating designed for above grade USE: The MULTICOAT METAL LATHE WATERPROOF SYSTEM is a multi-layer protective coating designed for above grade decks. The system applies MULTI-BASE, a resin modified cementitious base coat embedded with 2.5 galvanized metal lathe.

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Above grade applies to all of the structure that is above the ground level, while below grade refers to any portion of the structure that is located below the ground level. The waterproofing used in above grade systems will differ significantly from those used in below grade applications.

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Above Grade Waterproofing System. Featuring "The Blue Stuff", the Multicoat Above Grade Waterproofing System is a seamless coating, combining Mulasticoat waterproofing membrane, metal lathe, and Krete Kote cementitous coating to provide concrete waterproofing, deck waterproofing, balcony waterproofing and wood waterproofing. Designed to withstand heavy foot traffic on walkways and decks, it can be applied to concrete or wood and most other surfaces that need a waterproofing coating.

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Waterproofing and Deck Coatings We specialize in waterproofing and deck coating applications including: Above Grade (Caulking, Specialty Joints, Expansion Joints, Control and Tilt Panel, Hot Applied Membranes, Cold Liquid Applied Membranes, Water Stops).

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Our waterproofing systems provide very attractive and superior protection for all types of above grade decks and waterproof coverings. These include Wood Based Decks or Concrete Decks , deck restoration systems , recoating systems and under-tile waterproofing waterproofing systems.

Above Grade Waterproofing for Commercial Construction

In fact, every building must have above grade waterproofing if it is to last more than a few short years. Imagine a structure with no flashings, no sealants, no membranes on the roof and walls, no waterproofing around the windows. Above grade waterproofing is essential.

Above-Grade Waterproofing for Horizontal Surfaces

Above-grade waterproofing products must be breathable, resistant to ultraviolet (UV) light, aesthetically pleasing, and adaptable to a wide range of temperatures. In addition, waterproofing for horizontal surfaces often is required to be abrasion and corrosion resistant.

PROCOR Above-Grade | GCP Applied Technologies

PROCOR is a two component, synthetic rubber, cold vulcanized fluid applied waterproofing membrane. Procor is formulated for application to external surfaces of structural concrete, masonry and other substrates needing waterproofing. It cures to form a resilient, monolithic, fully bonded elastomeric sheet.

Plaza Decks | WBDG Whole Building Design Guide

Buildings frequently have plaza decks below grade. The planning, development, detailing and construction of waterproofing for such features are significant. Although much more complex and far more maintenance intensive, these features are generally not treated with the same detailing attention that roof assemblies receive.