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Wood Fence Calculator Free calculator for Wood Fence! Split Rail Fence Calculator Free calculator for Split Rail Fence! Fence Post Concrete Quantity Estimator Free calculator for All Types of Fence!

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It is recommended that you use a minimum of 2 horizontal rails between posts for all fences less than 5' high, 3 rails for fences 5' to 7' high, and 4 rails for 8' high fences. Fences taller than 8' are outside the scope of this calculator due to structural considerations.

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Wood Fence Calculator To get an accurate lumber calculation, you have to consider your fence's length and design. Enter your preferences below and then, use ImproveNet to connect with an experienced fencing contractor near you.

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Once you’ve chosen a style, you can enter your total length and rail and picket specs into the wood fence calculator above to get an estimated bill of materials. The calculator will estimate how much lumber you need to construct your fence, including the number of posts, rails, pickets, concrete, and nails/screws.

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How Much Does a Fence Cost? How Much Does a Fence Cost in 2018? Save. Share. Tweet. Installing a fence adds beauty, privacy, security, and property value to your home. ... Chain link fencing usually ranges from about $5-$15 per foot in price, depending on the height and style and is the most cost effective material. ... estimate the amount of ...

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To get accurate results using the fencing calculator, the correct measurements of the intended fence must be obtained. The easiest way to accurately measure for a fence is to place a post in each corner of the desired perimeter and measure between the posts, adding all sides together and accommodating for gates.