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machine to make logs into fence posts

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Not that hard to set the posts, set the first one, and the last in a line, then run a string between them on the top. All of the posts in between will have the top touch the string. Much like installing pickets on a fence. You need gravel in the bottom of the hole to keep moisture from the end of the post anyway, use the gravel to level the posts.

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Ripping Fence Posts with the Ezy Rip Chainsaw Attachment ... Industrial Machines 1,278,515 views. ... Milling logs into Lumber - Duration: ...

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Some people use this post-peeling machine to take the bark off fence posts. Others peel logs to make teepee poles. Still others use it to take bark off small limbs and branches to make natural wood furniture. Anders and Debra Rosenlund, Kingston, Idaho, import the Austrian-built post peeler to the U.S.

POSCH debarking machine - Turn each log into a post

Turn each log into a post in no time The machine is convenient and safe to operate, debarks any round timber and helps you to prepare it for the intended purpose. Product

Harvest Your Own Wooden Fence Posts - YouTube

The Backwoodsman's Institute presents: Harvest Your Own Fence Posts. In this video Scott is cutting fence posts on his property. You can save alot of money by harvesting your own posts.

making a post and rail fence with round logs

Cedar Fence Rails and Posts - DIY a Cheap Rustic Fence - Log ... 19 Jul 2014 ... How to build a Country Split Rail Cedar Fence - How to put in Split fence Posts ... Make a circular hole (16 inches diameter) with round shovel.

Dowelled-Machine Peeled Western Fence

Wood fences come in two main varieties, the post and pole fences, and the cedar privacy fences. Wood Fencing: Dowelled-Machine Peeled DESCRIPTION: Machine Peeled Doweled fences interconnect for a sturdy fence that looks good anywhere.

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Machine rounded timber fencing posts have a chamfered top and a pointed based for easy installation. Used to secure galvanised animal stock fencing (pig, lamb and cattle), hexagonal wire fencing, galvanised steel rabbit, chicken run netting and plastic garden meshes.

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For large logs up to 10 ft. long, a tractor is used to lift them onto the machine. Side panels keep the logs from falling to the ground. With the use of the hydraulic system, the log is pushed into the splitting blade by a big, powerful hydraulic cylinder that has 30 in. of stroke.

United Wood Products, Inc, Bustamante wood, logs, lumber ...

Stockade fence is a half-log picket with pointed tops. Posts are done the same way. Price depends on quantities needed. Please call with quantities for a quote.